Below are the basic pricing guidelines for wedding cakes. 
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**Final prices are order specific. A final proposal will be provided following consultation.

Wedding Cake Pricing

Type                      Price                      Description
Basic                      $2.00                    Basic white, yellow, or chocolate cake
                                                         Buttercream base
                                                         Basic frosting design work
Special                   $2.50                    Basic or specialty flavored cake
                                                         Fondant base
                                                         Basic design work
Premium                 $3.00                   Basic or specialty flavored cake
                                                         Fondant base
                                                         Moderate design work
Intricate                  $3.50                   Basic or specialty flavored cake
                                                         Fondant base
                                                         Intricate piping or detailed design work
Dietary Restrictions   $4.00                  Specially made cakes including gluten free, egg free, Kosher, 
                                                         or Vegan (does not include nut allergies)

Please refer to the sizing charts to get an idea of how many servings each tier can provide.
*Price is per serving/guest. Final serving amount depends on the way you/responsible party cuts the servings.

Additional Charges

Handmade Gum Paste/Fondant Flowers                                 Small $0.50 each
                                                                                         Medium $0.75 each
                                                                                         Large $1.00 each
                                                                                         X-Large $1.50 each

Filling                                                                                 $5 per tier

Fresh Fruit (in filling or on cake)                                            $5

Custom Topper                                                                   Small $5.00
                                                                                         Medium $7.00
                                                                                         Large $10.00
                                                                                         X-Large $15.00

Equipment Rental Deposit

$75 (refundable)
Equipment includes columns, supports, pedestals, base boards (not including cardboard separators), etc. They are to be returned in original condition within 2 weeks following the event.


Total Cost of materials will be included in the final price.


Within 10 Mile                          $10
Within 20 Miles                         $30
Within 35 Miles                         $50
**Anywhere farther than 35 miles away must be picked up.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is due within 2 weeks of signing the contract. The remaining amount is due 2 weeks prior to the event.
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